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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Workshop 4 - Outcomes

I had 2 different ideas for this workshop, the first being of King James fighting against a smoke demon with a sword against a cigarette, or my other idea was in relation to the term stygian and was of the 3 witches. I did designs of both ideas to see what would work best.

Although I liked this design of the 3 witches and liked the way the text sat in the image I didn't think it visually represented the quote enough.

I reworked into the illustration digitally to include some of the things said in the quote adding an eye, brain and lungs to the witches to symbolise it was harmful to the brain and lungs as it said in the text but I 
didn't really like the outcome of this.

I decided to use my original idea of King James fighting the good fight against tobacco because I thought it was more of a visual representation of the quote and suited it better. I also really like the white text on the black smoke bubble as it makes it stand out more. I didn't change much from my sketchbook image I only had to scan it in to clean the edges to make this into my final piece.

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