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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sweet Packaging

i chose to use fried eggs and foam shrimps for my prints. i used lino cut, etching and monotrace. i made quite a lot so this is just a few i liked most.

i also made some coloured versions

object prints

my object was a teacup, here are my print designs :)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Web Design

original drawing for my webpage decoration

coloured header with illustrations

images of my finished website

home page

gallery page

about page

contact page

i found it really hard to make the website in flash because i'm a bit rubbish at computers and have never done anything like this before. in the end i'm really happy with my website, everything works (hopefully) and i think my design shows off my style and it is easy to navigate and see things. i might not have learnt as much as i could from this experience as most of it went way over my head, technical stuff doesn't agree with me!  but i can say at least i'm an expert at making buttons :) 

web design research

examples of bad web design:
most hideous colours ever
ultimately boring
quite possibly the worst website ever made, looking at it gives you a headache as nearly everything flashes or moves! the soundtrack doesnt help.

examples of good web design:
really cool design, quirky but still simple
cute and very simple, makes it easy to navigate and see everything
i love using this website to do research and find illustrators, its really easy to view porfolios and finding what your looking for is made easy with the styles categories