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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Badge Packs

I re-made and re-designed my badge packs to make them look more finished and professional.

self promo package research

I looked into packages as self promotion and really liked the idea of having a collection of things to see rather than just one business card like thing. It lets you show off more of your work to potential clients so they really get a feel of what you can do. I'm going to put together a little package of cards, badges, mini zines for my self promo project.

Thereza Rowe - self promo package, i really like all the different elements of this, the different shapes and sizes and it has badges, postcards, and mini zines makes a really fun well thought out self promo.

Amay croft

Egg Creatives - nice idea of it coming in a box, the colours and textures match all the products inside.

Malicious illustration, design and clothing promo pack.

Hydro74 - self promo pack of cards and sew on badges.

Meg Hunt promo pack.

Hana Marie.

Meg Hunt self promo pack - i like how it comes in a decorated brown envelope, simple and cheap to produce but looks really good.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

self promo research

I looked into some self promo work by illustrators to give me inspiration for designing my own self promo card.

Valery design wrks - i think a calendar is a great idea for a self promo because people will be looking at it everyday so wont forget you.

Joe Shumbat - i like the pop up part of this, its easy to make and the business card less boring with it.

Heidi Burton - these cards have little info but i think the quality of the illustration says it all.

Dan Ross - a really fun interactive self promo, make your own cardboard car.

Angela East - really nice design idea, fun and quirky 

 I really like the use of texture on this card.

Indeed Design - i think the design of this card is quite boring but i like the idea of having a puzzle on a self promo card.

Kerotudo - these funky business cards can be made into a little character, i really love this idea and think the design is great too.

Scott Balmer - series of self promo cards, i like how they all match but are all different, its like you could collect each of his designs.

research into badges for self promo

self promo badges by Vanesa Carosia, that she made for sending to creative studios and agencies. The design and layout works really well with the badges, making it visually appealing and showing off her creative skill.

Kevin Luong and Amber Counihan designed badge packs that have a shape that supports its design, making it stand out from the normal square packs.

i like the cute and simple design of these badges by Angie and friends.

badge by Ali J, the use of lace in the background is really nice and shows its handmade.

Elizabeth Pawle puts her badges onto little brown paper tages i think it makes a really nice way to package them.

badges on i like how these badges are pinned to a piece of fabric instead of the usual card background, it makes them easier to get off and adds texture.

Badge packs

I made these packs of badges from a 1 day work shop, designing the images, making the badges and making the packaging. The end products are a bit rough as there was such a short time frame to make them so i hope to make them better and more proffessionally finished for selling.