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Sunday, 26 May 2013

self promo package research

I looked into packages as self promotion and really liked the idea of having a collection of things to see rather than just one business card like thing. It lets you show off more of your work to potential clients so they really get a feel of what you can do. I'm going to put together a little package of cards, badges, mini zines for my self promo project.

Thereza Rowe - self promo package, i really like all the different elements of this, the different shapes and sizes and it has badges, postcards, and mini zines makes a really fun well thought out self promo.

Amay croft

Egg Creatives - nice idea of it coming in a box, the colours and textures match all the products inside.

Malicious illustration, design and clothing promo pack.

Hydro74 - self promo pack of cards and sew on badges.

Meg Hunt promo pack.

Hana Marie.

Meg Hunt self promo pack - i like how it comes in a decorated brown envelope, simple and cheap to produce but looks really good.

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