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Thursday, 16 May 2013

self promo research

I looked into some self promo work by illustrators to give me inspiration for designing my own self promo card.

Valery design wrks - i think a calendar is a great idea for a self promo because people will be looking at it everyday so wont forget you.

Joe Shumbat - i like the pop up part of this, its easy to make and the business card less boring with it.

Heidi Burton - these cards have little info but i think the quality of the illustration says it all.

Dan Ross - a really fun interactive self promo, make your own cardboard car.

Angela East - really nice design idea, fun and quirky 

 I really like the use of texture on this card.

Indeed Design - i think the design of this card is quite boring but i like the idea of having a puzzle on a self promo card.

Kerotudo - these funky business cards can be made into a little character, i really love this idea and think the design is great too.

Scott Balmer - series of self promo cards, i like how they all match but are all different, its like you could collect each of his designs.

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