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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Eden Project Flyer

This is the flyer i made for digital workshops in Photoshop :)

Me, my book and I

Title of your project : Me, my book and I.

How does this project continue the theme 'Me, myself and I' : It continues with the theme because my book is a representation of my imagination and shows what i think about stories and how you can make anything up and have a dream world filled with your own characters.

Describe your outcome - in terms of materials, methods, themes, content: My book is a sculptural piece, i carved out the center of the book so it was hollow and then used pages from the book to make little paper characters inside it that i painted in watercolours. I used silver string to hang the stars and words, i wanted it to look 3D and stand out. My theme was imagination, stories in books create new worlds and i wanted to create a dream like world with odd creatures within the book as thought the story was coming to life.

What range of creative communication techniques have been explored? I looked into books as 3D art and sculpture, and how a book can be more than just words on a page. So i wanted my book to be like a story without words so the characters are there in the world within the book but you can use your imagination to make the story.

How have you visually communicated your ideas through your outcome? I think i communicated my ideas quite clearly, i think when you see the piece you know what its about without having to think to much about it. I added the text 'dream away' to go with the characters in the book so it kind of explains itself.

What skills have been developed and explored through this outcome? I chose to do a sculptural piece because i wanted to try something different than just doing illustrations to go with a story. It was quite tricky to put it together with the small pieces of paper. I had never done anything like this before so i learnt alot about the way i like to work, i think ill stick to 2d in the future!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012