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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Research for Sequential Image Making

I found this really useful "how to" guide on the Rabbits Against Magic website:

It goes through all the steps of how the Rabbits Against Magic comics are made and gives some useful tips on how to produce a high quality finish comic strip.

Comic Strip Research

Dan Berry
Dan Berry is an illustrator, designer, cartoonist and lecturer based somewhere around the middle of the UK.
Cat Island is what he made for the Maison des Auteurs in Angouleme in under 24 hours.

Alex Noriega
Alex Noriega is a 30 years old cartoonist from Barcelona.

"I recently moved to Maputo, Mozambique with my girlfriend... The story of how I decided to move here and how things changed enough in my life to dare to take such a huge step is pretty long. But, hey! I´m making a comic about it! :) Here you can see the three basic stages of how I´m working on this book. Thumbnails: Where I basically write the whole thing with lots of tiny notes, changes and ideas, a penciled page about to be inked and the folder where I keep the finished pages... It´s slowly growing." - taken from

Lizz is a comic illustrator from Birmingham. She likes green tea, knitting and cats. Other animals she thinks are good include rabbits, elves, bears, dragons, unicorns, monkeys, dinosaurs, lions, tigers and bison.

Beartato Comics.

A strange hybrid of bear and potato, he is best friends with a bird named Reginald and is a bit of goofball at times.

Cuttlefish Comics

Newcastle based Small Press Comic Creator, Writer, Artist, Cartoonist, Comic Fan.Robot Crime Casebook Comic

A site full of little comic strips and cute illustrations.

Phillipa Rice ^
Carl Mitchell ^

William George Wright
William George Wright was a comic artist for Disney, who drew many of the 'Mickey Mouse' stories. Wright got his education at the Los Angeles Art Center and the Los Angeles Technical Trade Institute. He joined the Disney Studios in 1937. A year later, he was assigned by the Comic Strip Department to assist Ted Thwaites on inking Floyd Gottfredson's 'Mickey Mouse' stories.Thwaites left Disney in 1940 and for years Wright was one of the main inkers on the daily and Sunday 'Mickey Mouse' pages. From 1943 he also started to do pencilling on the Mickey Sunday pages. Bill Wright continued working for Disney until his death in 1984, drawing daily pages with such characters as 'Scamp', 'Brer Rabbit' and of course 'Mickey Mouse'.

These last 2 cute strips I found on the internet and can't find out who made them!