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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

pdp - post number 1 !!

1. a favourite image by you:
it was really difficult to decide what image to use for this post, there was too many i wanted to choose from! decided to go with this one in the end though. i chose it coz its one of the newer things ive done and coz i just think its cool =P i drew it in fineliners then coloured it in photoshop.

2. what skills did you arrive with?
umm..well i guess im fairly ok at drawing, im not great at realistic stuff but i can draw good in my own way. i can paint acrylics/oils but i want to get good at using watercolours next. i can use photoshop and ive done a bit of illustrator but want to get better at it!

3. why did you choose illustration?
i chose to do illustration at pca coz i really liked the illustration course i did last year, so i decided to stay with it and go to higher education so i could learn more and get better at doing stuff i actually like doing.

4. what area of illustration are you most inspired by? inspired by a few different areas, i really like childrens book illustration, coz thats an area i would like to go into myself. but i also find digital art really inspiring, it makes me want to get better at it so i can do stuff like all the cool stuff i see! i quite like street art and sketchbook stuff aswell :)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

my very first post!

must figure out how this blogging thing works :/

eeep! >.<