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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


creative style inspiration by other artists/illustrators and ideas for my theme  for my last project.

Angela Dalinger
Angela Dalinger.angeladalinger:  my 13 cupsWatercolor potted succulent / cactus garden illustration by Angela Dalinger// Angela Dalinger

Katt Frank

Katt Frankillustrated by "katt frank" seen on vlinspiratie.blogspot.comKatt FrankKatt FrankAn idea for a coffee book cover | Katt Frank

Lizzy StewartPlant Pots | Lizzy Stewart
Anne Smith
by anne smith

Rebecca Green
rebecca greenRebecca Green

Ayako Taniyama
Ayako Taniyama

Alyssa Nassner
Alyssa Nassner.

Elizabeth Greaber
Elizabeth Graeber

Alejandra Hernandez
Alejandra Hernandezalejandra hernandez


Collections of objects pinscraftyImke Kleezen?todd mclellanplastic bottles...via things organized neatly*mini collection and it's container

Project 3 research

For my final project i am going to do a collection of illustrations for display. The theme is everyday life and everyday objects and will all be similar in style, colour, pattern to keep a collective look to all the illustrations. I want to have the collection framed and in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a interesting looking wall show like the examples i researched here. I think the collection will be useful for upcoming shows and exhibitions and i would include a good photo of the display in my portfolio as well as some of the illustrations themselves. I have thought about using the collection in small independent exhibitions and shops and in places like cafes that sell art. I would sell them as framed originals and also do a series of limited edition prints to sell with my other products.

picture wall collage


Gallery wall

Wall Art Idea

black walls & frames

wall of love

Monday, 28 April 2014

Packaging designs

These are the final designs for the packaging, I'm going to print them on good quality card and make them up into boxes, and for the bottle print off a label and wrap it around a bottle.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

packaging development, colour research

I have decided to produce my packaging in a variety of pastel colours as they are very in fashion right now - pastel pink, mint green and lilac. If i was going to make the products themselves they would be the same colours as the packaging, eg, lilac lipstick and eyeliner.

Some research into the current pastel fashion: