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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I printed of a few of my designs on my inkjet printer at home to see how they would come out, i noticed a few marks so went back and removed them in photoshop to clean them up a bit. i printed them on watercolour paper 300gsm from a sketchbook. i am also getting them printed professionally to see if the quality is better but if not i'll continue to print them at home.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Indy Practise Prints

Some work in progress of my prints, playing around with characters and designs for my theme of animals and everyday objects. Adding a bit of colour in places with photoshop. After scanning them in the writing has become a bit hard to read so i will redo it so its bolder and more readable.

Indy Practise

sketches of ideas for my prints

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Research for Stage 2

i researched some illustrations that show animals with objects and doing human things which is the theme i'm using for my prints.

ducks with umbrella 

i recently went to the circus which had lots of animals doing things they wouldn't normally do. i saw parrots ride scooters and bicycles and this really inspired my to make my design of animals. 

i remembered the scene from My Neighbour Totoro an animated film where totoro is given an umbrella and he is really excited by it and i thought how i could use unusual interactions of creatures with objects in my illustrations.

illustrations of animals riding bicycles by Boglarka Nadi. i really like the delicate vintage style of these illustrations, the animals are characterized without loosing there realness.

watercolour painting of a fox with briefcase and bowler hat by Alison Fenell.

cute illustrations of animals interacting with objects by Victoria Ball. I really like the loose style and colouring of these illustrations. 

illustrations by Emily Carew Woodard. I love all of Emily's work, her style is very quirky and fun and i would like to get this across in my illustrations.

Cute animal illustrations by Teagan White who is one of my favourtite illustrators.

animal illustrations by Jamie Mitchell. the realistic drawings of the animals make a fun contrast against the hats and scarfs he put them in. 

illustrations by Julia Pott, her creatures have really detailed clothes and i like the mix of hand drawn style parts with digital colouring and patterns mixed together.

Some photograph references for the animals i used in my illustrations:

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Chosen Sweet Packaging Print

Research for sweet packaging

Sweet Revolution chocolate packaging by Jessica Garcia

 Cute sweet packaging by Caecilya Sari, the packaging can also be cut out and made into a childrens bedtime mobile.

Really cool chocolate wrapper designs by Kate forrester.

Packaging by Sara Strand - not sure if these are pet treats or sweets but they look awesome anyway.

Paper Sweet bags by Susan Brand - simple but lovely.

There is alot of really good sweet packaging design on this page too 

Final Print

this is the design i have chosen for my print of an object <3

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Research for object prints

I looked at some illustrators that sell prints of objects to inspire me for the prints of my object which is a tea cup.

Susana Parada - Parada Creations

i like these prints of objects on the textured paper background, the print of the dreamcatcher is my favourite because it is really patterened and colourful and makes it more interesting than just the object itself.

Tom Frost

i like how tom frost's prints of objects have full illustrations embedded in them, the pictures on a matchbox and the illustration on the stamp makes you almost forgot it is a simple object.

Gemma Correll - Pirate radio print
Gemma has brought an object to life and given it a personality making it a really cute quirky print.

Mariya Paskovsky - Teacup illustrations

i also looked at illustrations of teacups as it is the object i will be using and i really liked these patterned hand drawn illustrations by mariya.