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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Research for object prints

I looked at some illustrators that sell prints of objects to inspire me for the prints of my object which is a tea cup.

Susana Parada - Parada Creations

i like these prints of objects on the textured paper background, the print of the dreamcatcher is my favourite because it is really patterened and colourful and makes it more interesting than just the object itself.

Tom Frost

i like how tom frost's prints of objects have full illustrations embedded in them, the pictures on a matchbox and the illustration on the stamp makes you almost forgot it is a simple object.

Gemma Correll - Pirate radio print
Gemma has brought an object to life and given it a personality making it a really cute quirky print.

Mariya Paskovsky - Teacup illustrations

i also looked at illustrations of teacups as it is the object i will be using and i really liked these patterned hand drawn illustrations by mariya.

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