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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Research for Stage 2

i researched some illustrations that show animals with objects and doing human things which is the theme i'm using for my prints.

ducks with umbrella 

i recently went to the circus which had lots of animals doing things they wouldn't normally do. i saw parrots ride scooters and bicycles and this really inspired my to make my design of animals. 

i remembered the scene from My Neighbour Totoro an animated film where totoro is given an umbrella and he is really excited by it and i thought how i could use unusual interactions of creatures with objects in my illustrations.

illustrations of animals riding bicycles by Boglarka Nadi. i really like the delicate vintage style of these illustrations, the animals are characterized without loosing there realness.

watercolour painting of a fox with briefcase and bowler hat by Alison Fenell.

cute illustrations of animals interacting with objects by Victoria Ball. I really like the loose style and colouring of these illustrations. 

illustrations by Emily Carew Woodard. I love all of Emily's work, her style is very quirky and fun and i would like to get this across in my illustrations.

Cute animal illustrations by Teagan White who is one of my favourtite illustrators.

animal illustrations by Jamie Mitchell. the realistic drawings of the animals make a fun contrast against the hats and scarfs he put them in. 

illustrations by Julia Pott, her creatures have really detailed clothes and i like the mix of hand drawn style parts with digital colouring and patterns mixed together.

Some photograph references for the animals i used in my illustrations:

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