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Thursday, 16 May 2013

research into badges for self promo

self promo badges by Vanesa Carosia, that she made for sending to creative studios and agencies. The design and layout works really well with the badges, making it visually appealing and showing off her creative skill.

Kevin Luong and Amber Counihan designed badge packs that have a shape that supports its design, making it stand out from the normal square packs.

i like the cute and simple design of these badges by Angie and friends.

badge by Ali J, the use of lace in the background is really nice and shows its handmade.

Elizabeth Pawle puts her badges onto little brown paper tages i think it makes a really nice way to package them.

badges on i like how these badges are pinned to a piece of fabric instead of the usual card background, it makes them easier to get off and adds texture.

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