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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Workshop 3 - Development and Outcomes

Spiritual Chickens was one of my favourite workshops which I chose to develop in stage 2.

I started my designing my little chickens and character to go with the poem by Stephen Dobyns, and choosing a colour scheme of warm colours like reds and browns.

I created the look of a country style farmhouse by using bits of furniture and kitchen tables and chairs and decided to add in a bit of blue to the colour scheme to liven it up a bit. 

This is the final illustration I made to go with the poem.

The image within the template.

From here I decided to develop this project into a series of little prints and postcards of chickens. I painted all the chickens with watercolours and hand wrote the text. Most of them are a6 size apart from the last image which is a4 size. I have digital copies of all the paintings so I can make them into prints when I need to.


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