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Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Overall I enjoyed this module as it taught me how to work quickly and produce whole projects in short time frames. I worked in ways I don't usually take to and learnt new things about my work as an illustrator. It has let my style develop and become adaptable to different kinds of briefs and ways of working. I have become more comfortable in trying new things and developing my work and ideas into something new. Some of the workshops I really enjoyed and have gave me inspiration for doing things in the future and some of them I didn't enjoy as much taught me how to be flexible with my illustrations, such as work shop 2 with the patterned fish, I worked in a different way and I really like the outcome, and workshop 5 witch portraits I never thought I could do a portrait as I do not draw realistically but it made me see how I can adapt things to suit me and I really enjoyed working on it and developing it.

In what way have you selected and developed projects that are relevant to you?

I selected 3 projects to work on to develop, spiritual chickens, witch portraits and my chosen story.

I really enjoyed created the illustration to go with the poem for spiritual chickens, I liked the characters I had created and the style of the chickens so wanted to make a set of illustrations of little chickens as I like to illustrate animals and I thought the chicken designs made a nice pattern and design to be printed on things like table cloths, cushions, ect which is something I would like to do with my illustrations in the future.

Initially I wasn't keen on illustrating a portrait but once I got into it i really enjoyed it. I wanted to create a sense of character in my portrait without having any visual references so developed the idea of the bear being his spirit animal was something I really wanted to do. I enjoy making characters and telling a story through them so this became a very relevant piece to me.

My chosen story was something I had always wanted to do as it is a story that I really love and I think it has an important message within it. As I love designing characters illustrating all the wild things was something I was really interested in doing.

How succesfully have a full range of possible ideas been explored?

I think I explored as much range of ideas I could within the time frame we were given for these projects. If I had more time and more money I would of really liked to have some of my designs printed onto products like my little chickens printed onto cushions and things and I would of liked to have made a really big strip of my wild things panels to be put on a wall or something but at the moment I felt like these things are not really possible.

What issues have had either a positive or negative effect on the realisation of your ideas?

I felt like some of the restrictions on the brief were difficult to deal with such as colour limitations and sizes and initially these had a negative effect on my ideas but once I learnt how to work with them and adapt my ideas it became something I liked to work around as it was more of a challenge and made me work and think in new ways.

Consider your outcomes for the module and evaluate them in response to your intentions as stated in your ad31 mini statement:

I can't really remember what I put on my statement but I know that my ideas developed and changed while working on the projects so I have probably ended up with different outcomes to what I originally thought but I think this is a good thing because while working on things I sometimes think of better ways to do things or better ideas so it makes a better outcome.

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