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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Risoprint research

3 colour risoprint

2 colour risoprint by Sam Peet

Saara Tuulia Illustration 2 colour risoprint

The Bash It Out poster range.
A3 2 x Colour Risograph Prints
Printed by Hato Press in London. 
Numbered and embossed editions of 25.

Multi coloured risoprint

Kelsey Short 2 colour risoprint
The Jungle

Book by JanjojimRisoprinted by Topo Copy
Artwork I made on the spot for the collaborative ‘100 jaar Vooruit’ tribute book, made in 5 days! An alternative history about the legendary cultural temple in Gent. Risoprinted by Topo Copy, with Ladda and a bunch of awesome people. Other artists in the book include El Topo, Charlotte Dumortier, Liesbeth De Stercke,..more info and pictures HERE !

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