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Friday, 10 January 2014

The Bear and the Three Woodchucks - finished outcomes and evaluation

I chose to work on 4 double page spreads from my book to turn into final pieces. I made my pages 42cm by 26cm, as it is a picture book for children it is a bit larger than most books, this includes a 5mm bleed. I worked by drawing outlines with a fineliner and then colouring with watercolour paints, I use white and black pens to put detail into my illustrations. I hand wrote all the text in my book as i like to use my own handwriting to personalise my work. I then scanned in the images and cleaned them up in photoshop to produce the final piece.

Bear finding the house in the woods

Bear entering the house and seeing the woodchucks things.

Bear trying out the chairs

The woodchucks come home and find Bear in their house.

I am pleased with the work i produced for this project in the small time scale i had. As the deadline for macmillan is not for a while i am going to change and perfect some things i have not had time to do in this module. I would like to create more finished double page spreads as i mainly chose the ones with less detail to make for the module so would like to make the ones with backgrounds and settings when i have more time. I will also go on to make a cover for the book in time for submission to macmillan. There are a few things i want to change in my rough sketches that i noted in the dummy book aswel.
I tried to use a colour pallete of mostly browns reds and greens, when i scanned the original images i found that the colour changed quite alot and different scanners came up as different colours.  i had difficulty trying to adjust it on the screen as it would change again when printed. This is something i will have to work with more to figure out the best outcome.
I have learnt alot about story boarding and page layout through this project and this is something i would like to work on and develop my skills more in the future. I would also like to invest in creating my own font of my hand lettering as this is something i use alot of in my work and would save alot of time if i had as a font. 

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