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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pattern Designs - finished outcomes and evaluations

For the Cath Kidston pattern designs i made a set of 4 pattern prints with the theme of wildlife and nature. I have 2 samples of each pattern, the original pattern image and one digitally duplicated and put together to make a bigger pattern than can fit to any size. I painted the original illustrations with watercolours, scanned in and cleaned up on photoshop where i multiplied it into a bigger pattern. Here are the finished designs.

Badgers and Strawberries

Hedgehogs and Leaves

Squirrels and Acorns

Foxes and Mushrooms

I really loved working on this project as it was a theme i enjoy working with and i like to create characters, i have not had much experience making patterns before but discovered it is something i would be interested in doing. In terms of fitting the brief i think stylistically my designs may not be in tune with the normal cath kidston style as my designs are a bit more fun and cutesy than what the brand normally work with, but i thought it was important to use my own style rather then copy what has been seen before. i think by using the theme of wildlife and nature it ties in with there thematic style anyway. 
I would like to expand this project by using my pattern design on things such as fabrics, homeware, accessories and other surfaces. It would be great to see my work in context but at this point i have not had the money to experiment with doing this but it is something i really want to do in the future.

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