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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Project 2 - Cath Kidston pattern design

The Brief
Design one new conversational print taking into account our brand values and print style. Examples of conversational prints within our range would include Cowboy, Garden Birds, Guards of London – these are prints with a recognisable picture within them. Classic Cath Kidston floral, spots or stripes would not be described as a conversational print.
The print should be designed to be used across three of our product categories; Women’s Fashion, Women’s Accessories and Home. We are looking for an original theme and a fresh new take on our unique visual style. Your print can take any visual direction you wish, as long as you believe it to be in tune with our brand.

I have chose this as my second project because it is something fun and unusual as i do not normally design patterns but i like the idea of having a conversational print and being able to tell a story through the pattern which i hope to get across in my design. Learning how to create a pattern that can be duplicated onto anything will be a new experience and this will develop my skills as a practical illustrator.

For the theme of my pattern i have decided to go with the idea of nature and wildlife as i think this theme keeps in with the branding of cath kidston and keeps in tune with some of the other styles of print such as the more famous floral and bird patterns. 

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