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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Task Two: I wish I'd done that!

Researching work for inspiration for ad33

Rebecca Green - Illustrator
I really like the delicate style of rebecca green's illustration, the soft colours and muted colour pallettes give a vintage feel. Her characters express emotion even though the features on their faces are small and simple. I love how she gives them rosy cheeks and pink noses it adds a hint of childhood playfullness. I like how she sometimes uses handwritten text in her work, which is something i like to do myself, and she sometimes uses a collaged textured background which is something i would like to experiment with in my work to see if i could achieve the same feel. The style and genre of this work is similar to my own interests and i find it very aesthetically pleasing. The themes and concepts of her illustrations inspire me in my own work.

Rebecca Green

Samantha Cotterill - Embroidered illustrated diary

This piece of work is something unusual and very different from my own style and out of my comfort zone in terms of illustrating, but i love the idea and concept of it. Embroidered illustration is something i have always had an interest in as it makes unusual outcomes and gives an edge to otherwise ordinary work, it is something i would like to try out in my own work and see how it mixes with my style.

Katt Frank - Illustrator

The majority of Katt Frank's illustrations are of collections of everyday objects, i really like the theme and concept ideas of her work, her style is something like what i aspire to do and i find her work influential on my own illustrations. I love to use hand written text in my illustration and katt uses it in most of her work which is great to see it so frequently as it makes me feel more comfortable using it in my own work. Her work is always visually pleasing, the composition and placement of images and text in her illustrations works beautifully together. I like how she puts attention in detail even in small places which adds and extra decorative element to her work, i hope to be able to do so in my work and make it more detailed.
'Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage'Some nice looking Jars.'Coffee makes the world go round'An idea for a coffee book cover.

Nuno DaCosta - Fashion Illustrator

Fashion illustration is completely out of my comfort zone and i couldnt even begin to try to draw in this style, but i find the illustrations of nuno dacosta to be beautifully appealing to the eye. Fashion illustration is something i have always loved viewing though it is not a genre i would want to go into myself. The variety of tone of line in this work makes it bold yet gentle at the same time, the looseness of the brush strokes make it seem stylized without being too perfect and i love the expression she gives to her characters in her work, it is feminine yet still strong. The way she works with ink and brushes is inspiring and it is refreshing to explore a different style of illustration.

Laura Hughes - Illustrator

The style of Laura's illustration is really fresh and loose and i love the vibrancy and energy in the sketchy lines of her work. I like her style of drawing and would like to take inspiration from this and loosen up the style of my work and not make it look so clean and perfect every time. She uses alot of animals and nature in her subject matter which is a theme i like to work with myself and does alot of characters for childrens contexts as i also like to do so would like my work to be recieved by a similar audience.

Fifi Lapin - Fashion Illustrator

I love the combination of style and fashion illustration genre with something quite cute and dainty that Fifi acheieves in her work. The character of the rabbit is so simple and versatile that it can be used over and over again without ever become boring or repetitive. I like the style of illustration, the inperfection of the line and colouring adds a quirky edge. Her work is used on many different surfaces from tshirts to mugs badges and phone cases, it is a simple design that suits everything, i think this is am important factor in illustration work as it makes manipulating work to fit products simpler. Though fashion illustration is normally out of my comfort zone i think this type of work and style of drawing is more suited to me and it more similar to my work aesthetically so seeing illustration like this makes me believe i can expand my illustration work to more outlets including fashion and beauty.

Amyisla Mccombie

This is one of my favourite styles of illustration, the contemporary style of Amyisla's hand drawn illustrations is an inspiration to me as i enjoy using traditional mediums in my own work. I really like how she mixes pencil and watercolours in her work as it adds texture, she also uses alot of pattern elements in her work which is how i would like to move forward with my work. I like how she uses subject matter of ordinary and every day life things and uses imagination to turn them into something unusual and interesting. I find her work really inspiring and it is stylistically consistant in all contexts which is what i aim for.

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Oliver Jeffers

Though Oliver Jeffers is mostly known for his work as a children's book illustrator his other illustrations are also as interesting and unique in style. I really love his character design, his characters and expressions are so simple yet they communicate alot through such a small amount of marks, i hope to be able to achieve this in my own characters as i like to draw people very simply myself. The use of hand written text is a part of most of his illustrations and i like to use hand lettering in my own work. His work is always imaginative and creative and he uses visual sources combined in his drawings like penuts and coffee stains, making the most of what is already there and turning it into a piece of art. He also uses alot of clever humour in his work which i find inspires me to think of ideas myself.

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