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Friday, 14 March 2014

advertisement/product research

vintage beauty and make up advertisements

I like these ads because they include alot of illustration, photography was not popular to use in advertisement in vintage posters. I like the style of the imagery with loose brush strokes and colours of black greys pinks and reds, and they use handwritten text. These kinds of posters are an inspiration for how i want my beauty packaging to look as i want to have it traditional looking and very stylistic. 
REVLON | Cheek Stick | #vintage #beauty #advertisementsBOURJOIS 1940s | Mais Oui Perfume | #vintage #beauty #advertising
MAIS OUI 1940s | Perfume | #Vintage #advertisements #beauty
Cellophanes cosmetics advertisement, 1969 beautiful<3
CUTEX | Sheer Miracle | #vintage #beauty #advertisement

Modern beauty advertisements.
I want to make the product the star in my illustrations so prefered these kinds of adds that have a large image of the product and in depth details of it with close ups, text, different colours. 

I like these adverts for the miss pop range as it shows the whole range of products in one go. i like the colourfull and playfull aspect of the imagery with large accessories, polka dot nails.

I am really inspired by the mac makeup adverts with the playful hand written text, this is something i want to use in my own work. I also like the black and white adverts that only have a pop of colour, this draws attention to the product.

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