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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Me, My Book and I

my statement for the altered book project!

My first ideas for the title of my altered book project was that it had to be something that represented me, something relevant and personal that summed me up. But then I couldn't really think of anything good to use so I decided to use the same name as I have for my blog - Katie in Wonderland! I like this name because it can mean alot of things - it can be about anything I see, hear, or think of. So in my book I can include anything that is part of my wonderland. It gives me a huge range of possibilities that will all be personal to me, and this continues on with the intial theme of me, myself and I.
As of now I see my outcome as being a collection of thoughts and imagery from my 'wonderland'. Within the book I want to create a minature world of the places I love, the people in my world, the things I do and love, like i have a strange obsession with clocks and big daddies and cute things, as well as all my monsters and creatures in my world, so these will all make up my wonderland book. I'm thinking of making my wonderland in a book by doing things like carving bits out and having pop ups, so it won't be like a book you can read anymore but more of a sculptural piece.
When doing the research for this project I found a lot of really amazing and inspiring images on google when i searched for altered books. I looked at the work of Brian Dettmer and other book altering artists. I also thought about what I had done in the other book altering project and how I could expand on ideas in that and aslo try new things other than working on the pages with ink and paint by doing something totally different. I'm looking forward to starting it =D

                                                            images from google

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