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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ghost Portraits

I looove the ghostly theme running through the projects at the moment :) For the first part of the project we had to create ghostly portraits of people who had strange deaths, I chose Sirkka Sari, a finnish actress who fell down a chimney into a burning furnace. ouch. Here's a few pics of what i've been working on so far :

I've been experimenting with lots of techniques and using materials such as inks, charcoal, and manipulating the images on photoshop. To give the images a translucent ghostly look i printed onto tracing paper and acetate. Really pleased with the way its going so far, gonna be difficult to pick my final image!

I'm also really looking forward to the Haunted Houses part of the project, can't wait to start working on it :) I've been looking at the work of Daniel Danger, an amaaazing illustrator who does alot of spooky haunted looking illustrations. Check out his work > here < I absolutely love his style and how he creates atmospheres, each one of his illustrations tell a story, love his work! Here's an example:

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