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Sunday, 21 October 2012

More Research

I looked into different kinds of instructions for children, from how to make things from recycled material, and steps on how to make a cake, to find out how to make it simple and easy for them to follow. After looking into these things i found a way to make my instructions for making a bird feeder suitable for young children by using the same simple language and keeping the instructional diagrams clear and bold as i saw in the examples.

I thought about a few shows on cbeebies that show how to make things for young kids.

 Mister Maker shows how to make fun things out of bits of paper, old plastic bottles, used kitchen roll tubes, egg cartons and other recyclable materials found in the house.

I Can Cook shows children how to make simple dishes in a quick and easy way. There is a cook book out which i found useful in looking at the instructions and diagrams to see what is easy for kids to understand.

Green Balloon Club is a programme all about nature and the environment and how to look after it. This fits in with the theme for the Okido page because the bird feeder is made of recycled materials and also looking after the birds teaches children about nature.

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