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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Here's my two final pieces for the boo project!
 The first image is my response to the 'song to the sirens' poem, i decided that the sailor had been captured by the sirens and became a slave to the sea, the waves are now his master and he is neither dead or alive just a lonely soul forever roaming the oceans.
 And the second image is my haunted house image, i wanted it to look really creepy and dark and i think the lighting made it really atmospheric, there's a shadow of a little girl infront of the window without anyone actually being there, i made up this story that the little ghost is stuck inside a big empty mansion all alone and all she ever wanted was to see the outside world so you can always see her shadow as she stares out the window.
 i really enjoyed doing these projects and am really happy with the work i produced! :)

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